Switch Kit

Make the Switch to Texas Hill Country Bank

It’s easy to change to Texas Hill Country Bank. All the forms you’ll need to move your accounts, your direct deposits, automatic transfers, and payments are right here. Keep track of everything you need to change to Texas Hill Country Bank with our Switch List Checklist.

Three simple steps to make the switch!

STEP 1: Choose your preferred TXHCB branch –

  • Meet your TXHCB personal banker, complete the Personal Account Information Sheet, and provide valid photo ID (ex: valid driver’s license, passport) for each signer.
  • Choose and open your new TXHCB accounts. Order checks, debit cards, and set up online banking with free bill pay and mobile banking (if desired)

STEP 2: Change your Automatic Deposits & Payments-

  • Switch your direct deposits to go into your new TXHCB account
  • Switch your automatic debits, payments, and drafts to come out of your new TXHCB account
  • Switch any online bill payments you may have to your new TXHCB Online Banking Bill Pay (if applicable)
  • Switch any payments tied to your old bank’s debit card to your new TXHCB debit card (if applicable)

STEP 3: Close your former bank accounts-

Once the last check or debit has cleared your former account and your automatic deposits/withdrawals, and automatic payments have posted to your new TXHCB account, you are ready to close your former account. It’s that easy.